Laying the corner stone to Kfar Rafael

On the day of the 4.4.79, the cornerstone was placed in the first buildings. Many friends and representatives of the authorities participated in the ceremony and shared their wide support, a support essential to the existence of Kfar Rafael and for which we are indebted. Nevertheless, the atrocious sand storm which accompanied the whole foundation stone ceremony, had given us an idea of the coming struggle with the desert, that threatens both outer and inner life. To start with, we need enlivening water, which is valuable and rare. Be’er Sheva, the city of seven wells, reminds us of Abraham’s wells which were blocked by the one-sided intellectual development, wells which we wish to re-open through spiritual science.

Kfar Rafael’s Circle of Giving

People with special needs, young volunteers, families with children, donors, friends and many kind people. Everybody has something to give, and everybody take part in our Circle of Giving

Residents’ Orchestra

The Kfar Rafael residents’ orchestra gathers for an hour a week of immersion in the musical world, for listening, singing, playing and improvisation. Over the years, we have worked on various works and songs, some of which were filmed and recorded. Click here to watch.

Playing with class 7 and the Mayor

Special Bach

Musical summer fruits of our orchestra, ensamble and choir

“Gloria” from Misa Criolla performed by 2 sopran singers, choir and orchestra, “The hidden garden in my heart” a Gujarati (Indian) melody with Hebrew lyrics accompanied by the villagers ensamble, and an arrangement of “sheep may safely graze” from cantata 208 by J. S. Bach performed by the villagers orchestra, staff abd children. Metalophones, chilmes, recoder, melodica, violin, cello, two flutes, six bordun lyres and piano. Over a year of practicing. Enjoy listening!

Theater plays Videos

The Hunchback

Click here to watch a performance by members of the Kfar Rafael drama group led by Inbal Pankowski, based on a story by Georg Dreisig.