Culture and Leisure

Cultural life in the village complements and balances the productive aspect of life expressed in meaningful work. Cultural life encourages us to make contact with others. With the help of other people, we develop, learn, play, be creative, and use movement, color, and sound to expand our conceptual world. The village has a rich and diverse cultural life in which all members of the community take part. We emphasize active production of culture and limit passive consumption. This is reflected in the program of evening enrichment activities and our holiday celebrations.

Evening activities

In the evenings, we offer a wide variety of educational, sports, artistic, and musical activities taught by the village staff and parents. The evening activities give residents new experiences and expand their physical, artistic, and social abilities. Staff members have the opportunity to initiate activities and to contribute using their unique skills. The residents choose between a variety of activities that include sports, arithmetic, English lessons, Arabic lessons, plant observation, music study, folk dancing, painting, sculpture, and more.


Observing holidays and marking seasonal changes help us feel the pulse of time and the impact that changes in the natural world have on the soul. Community togetherness reaches a peak during holidays, and the entire community rises above everyday life. On holidays, the residents fully experience a deep sense of affiliation with the community and the world. Such shared experiences allow us to return to everyday tasks with renewed enthusiasm.


All members of the community are constantly learning. In the weekly seminar, the residents learn about a variety of topics such as mythologies, folk tales, legends, parables, and upcoming holidays. The lessons are accompanied by performances and slideshows. Volunteers also attend weekly seminar courses that include therapeutic training, introduction to anthroposophy, and art.


The Kfar Rafael residents’ orchestra gathers for one hour each week for immersion in the world of music. They listen, sing, play music, and improvise. Over the years, we have worked on various musical works and songs, in cooperation with the volunteers, village children, and house parents. Playing musical instruments helps the residents improve their fine motor skills, timing, social skills, and more. Some of the performances have been recorded and filmed.

To see videos of the orchestra click here.


In addition to the therapeutic value of group work, participants in our drama group work on their language skills in the production of plays that are enjoyed by the village residents and guests. Watch our production of the play “The Hunchback” on YouTube here.


The residents participate in nature walks around the village and all over Israel. They go into the nearby city of Be’er Sheva to enjoy bowling, movies, restaurants, and live music concerts.

Puppet theatre

The residents, staff and host families can take part in producing puppet shows and shadow theater, which are enjoyed by the entire village.


Riding bicycles and tricycles helps residents improve their motor skills and experience a group physical activity in the desert area surrounding the village.

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